Running in the snow (or not)

Britain has once again been hit by a blizzard-like level of snow. On the sunny south coast, we received a massive 4inches of snow on Friday, with a little bit more on Saturday and Sunday. This amount of snow, as always, brings our country to a halt as everyone either stays in or goes out very very slowly. What we have now on the streets where I would normally run, is a mixture of snow, slush, hard packed ice and other random bit of gravel/grit/salt rocks. It’s barely safe to walk, leave alone run as the infrastructure just doesn’t cope with snow due to the rarity of it.

This has meant that I’ve been stuck indoors, and I’ve noticed as I’ve done more running, that on my rest days, I start to feel itchy and feel like I should be out running. Being in a place where I’m fit to run, am due to run, but unable to go out and run is a new situation to me, and just made me glad that we’d bought a cross trainer to use.

Saturday, I was due to do a 5km race for the first time ever. My marathon training plan I’m following suggested that this would be a good time to do a shorter quick race for the experience, and I felt ready. Sadly the snow came and the Park Run was cancelled. I was able to do a good ‘speed’ session on the cross trainer at least, and again yesterday, when I should have done around 6miles of Long Slow Run, I did a little over an hour on the machine. I’m not sure of the relative merits of an elliptical machine compared to going out and running, I know there’s less resistance and less impact, but to me it just felt way less fun.

I’m due a run tomorrow, I’m hoping the icy sludge on the floor is gone.

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