Another non-running day

Today was due to be a 5mile run with some hill sessions. It’s not snowed for 2 days here and the snow on the ground had melted into what I thought was a semi-safe to run on slush. My wife and health-and-safety advisor was less keen on the idea (quite rightly), and when it started raining 30mins before I was going to go out, I went and had a quick look at the ground.

photo (30)The picture kind of shows what it’s like on the ground. The nice slush now has a layer of water on top and has turned into a thousand little lard-covered icebergs, just waiting to catch the unwary runner, or even walker as I found on a trip to the post box at the end of the road. That trip of 200 yards I walked over 3 different types of ice on the ground, some parts were clear and fine, others were a solid mass of the above WD40 imbued Titanic-sinkers, and then there was the ‘somewhere in the middle’ patches like the picture above.

I really want to do this marathon in April, and it won’t happen if I injure myself trying to run on a day where it’s probably not the safest option. Instead, I’ll get to the office early tomorrow and see if I can replicate 5miles of hill work on one of the running machines there. Will update tomorrow.

Just looked out the window, it’s snowing again…


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