Back on it

Finally the snow and slush has gone enough to get out and run. Have been out the past couple of nights and I feel much much better.


Wednesday’s run was a bit of a leg loosener having not run for nearly a week. Just over 5 miles at a steady pace throughout. Average pace around 8:39 and felt ok, biggest concern was the cold. Started running with my gloves on, then had to take them off after 2miles as my hands were too hot, they then got cold again. Perhaps I need some gloves more appropriate to running rather than standard woolly gloves, but given that there’s only about 2/3 weeks of the year in which I feel cold enough to wear gloves (benefits of a hot metabolism), that might not be a worthy investment. The good thing was, this run was below my target marathon pace (9:09min/mile to be sub 4hr), and felt comfortable, with plenty of training to come. I think the <4hr target for April may be achievable. The nicest thing was, after running that on Weds, I was able to do a longer and quicker 7mile run yesterday.


Average pace over the first 6 miles was around the 8:33 mark, but I felt good coming up to the last mile, so wanted to stretch the legs out a bit and pushed the pace for a 7:43 closing mile with still a bit of effort to spare. The biggest thing I noticed, was despite me running further, harder and for longer my heart rate averaged 156 for 7 miles and 159 for 5 with a similar pattern for the peak heart rate.

I’ve not fully looked into heart rate and the impact, but it may have just been that I was fitter, and the run the previous day had got my heart going nicely. I’m a bit of a stats and numbers fan (as my wife will attest), so I’ll undoubtedly bore those of you that read this with more heart rate numbers in future. At least I think it’ll be interesting to see how my heart rate changes at different speeds over time, I’ll find a level of ‘effort’ that works well for me at a steady pace and maybe change my target time for the marathon as a result (higher or lower, but hopefully quicker).


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