Getting longer, getting stronger!

The last week has been a busy working week. I live on the south coast in Southampton and was in London on Monday (automobile), Belfast on Tuesday (plane), Liverpool on Wednesday (train), London again yesterday (train). A very varied an travel orientated-week, but it’s nearly done now, and the weekend is looming. I haven’t been able to get out and do my normal Tues/Thursday running sessions, but I have still manged to get some time out on the roads, or on a treamill (urgh).

Saturday was my longest run so far, I did just over 10miles in 1hr34mins, going at a nice and easy pace. That’s 8 minutes faster than I managed the Great South Run last year over the same distance, and I was running well within myself. It was nice to get some variation into where I’d be running for this one, my very understanding wife suggested that she could drop me off 10miles away somewhere and I could run home. It worked really well, the first mile and a bit was alongside a river on a tarmac covered part of the beautiful Itchen Way trail and it was nice to get away from road running for a bit before hitting the road for 8 miles. It’d be interesting to see how much more of that Trail I could run along in future, the whole thing is 31miles long. Could be a fun challenge post-marathon.

Ran home from Winchester

Ran home from Winchester

I followed the long run up on Monday at work with a 4.5mile run on the treadmill. I’d rather do 10miles on the road over 3 on a treadmill, I really struggle with it, and it’s clearly a mental thing. Not seeing any progress other than a ticking number is mindless. It doesn’t help that, as with all gyms, there are mirrors everywhere, and looking at me is not a pretty sight!

Instead of doing a 7mile run on Thursday I split it into a fast 5k on Weds and a steady 3mile on Friday. The 5k went well despite some stomach issues and nausea, and I did it in just under 23mins. I think I can improve on this a lot and build up my speed base on shorter runs whilst building up my stamina with long runs at the weekend. It’s weird to think that shorter quick runs help build up long distance pace, but it does work!

Speaking of which, I have to get up early to do a 12mile run first thing tomorrow, so I need to sleep.


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